Mary Lett

Growth and healing in therapy come from gaining self-awareness, insight, and skills. Therapy is an intensely personal undertaking that requires courage, commitment, and hard work. It’s an investment in yourself. If you make that investment, it has the capacity to produce lasting change.

Anxiety and depression, the two most common struggles for the clients I see, are treatable conditions. Often, when clients first come in, they have been doing an excellent job of hiding just how much they are struggling from everyone else in their lives.

I help my clients improve their relationship to both themselves and others. Together, we get to the root issues and–with new understanding–create space for greater peace and fulfillment. Therapy is unique to each individual. I am committed to beginning with you where you are and helping you see, and get, where you would like to be.


The therapy I provide is primarily psychodynamic, which is an insight-oriented talk therapy. In addition, I integrate aspects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness for skill building. I am also EMDR trained and a Registered Yoga Teacher. I bring in EMDR, a body-based trauma therapy, for clients who are suffering from past traumatic experiences.


Graduate School:

Master of Science, University of North Texas

Master of Social Work, University of Georgia


BFA, University of North Texas

License and State: MSW007721, Georgia

National Association of Social Workers

Georgia Society of Clinical Social Workers